VIDA Bekasi


Architect: andramatin architects

Location: Bekasi


The Vida project can be seen along the gate of a residential complex in Bekasi. The façade can also be visualized as an artwork; therefore, our hand-weaving panels need to implicate a certain amount of flexibility to follow the design intention. The synthetic materials are taken from industrial leftovers to reduce waste and to contribute to a better environment.


This façade is located directly adjacent to the public highway with a high level of traffics activities, the durability of materials is seen as the most questionable aspect.


Following its surrounding environment, it is necessary for the raw materials to feature flexibility and durability. After almost 5 years put in place, this Vida façade keep showing its UV resistance, weatherproof, high tensile strength, chemical resistance, and colourfast towards Bekasi environment without any single complaint from the client.