BYO Living specializes in weaving design for the architectural realm, offering exquisite hand-weaving artistry to create sustainable solutions for buildings. These solutions include thermal comfort maintenance, natural ventilation support, waste material upcycling, and the use of recycled materials. Founded by Lim Masulin in 2008, BYO Living combines a passion for Indonesian hand-weaving with an interest in sustainable architecture.
Over the years, BYO Living has innovated weaving pattern designs for various elements in buildings, such as facades, ceilings, railings, doors, windows, furniture, partitions, wall panels, artworks, exhibitions, and custom residential and commercial projects. Their vision is to provide sustainable architectural design solutions for the global community by adapting to site-specific conditions through progressive research, development, and construction. Collaborating with local communities, BYO Living also aims to preserve indigenous handicrafts and weaving craftsmanship while maintaining cultural identity.
To create weaving patterns, BYO Living uses both handmade and computer-based processing methods, resulting in products that represent human craftsmanship. The also use cutting technology to produce more varied visual forms. Weaving patterns are implemented through three methods: exercise, combine, and collaborate. BYO Living explores various materials, such as natural and synthetic rattan, recycled materials, upcycled waste, semi-transparent fabrics, and combinations with other architectural media.

We are an award-winning weaving atelier providing sustainable architectural design solutions for the global community.