Starbucks Reserve Dewata, Bali

Starbucks Reserve Dewata

Year: 2020

Architect: Bitte Design Studio

Location: Bali


At the entrance of Asia’s largest Starbucks reserve, our artwork is a first-of-its-kind digital wall; a digital interactive panel of coffee beans sustainable picking & roasting. On the second floor, the artworks are constructed as a weaving theatre and focus on sustainable innovation of coffee farmers in making new breeds of beams.


When weaving is dedicated to Indonesian coffee farmers; our hand-woven artwork becomes one of the elements to symbolize Indonesian traditional craftsmanship value.


BYO Living’s customized weaving inspired by the delights of Dewata authenticity and sustainable practices. Our artwork carries eco-friendly natural rattan materials that strive to create a positive impact on the modern dynamic treatment of space and form within the store.