Gallery ASTRA at Menara Astra

Gallery ASTRA

Architect: Budi Lim Architects

Location: Jakarta


BYO Living heritage patterns symbolize local wisdom on the open working environment on collaboration and execution culture on Astra International office lobby. Our natural rattan eco-ventilation ceiling system circulates 4,000m2 area within this headquarter with evenly distributed cool fresh air. Decoding weaving patterns from Sabang to Merauke, we developed open weaving patterns for optimal ventilation.


Tailored to precision, our developed open weaving pattern and wavy design strategies are functioned to improve both aesthetic and acoustic features within the space.


The acoustic properties of BYO Living’s natural rattan ventilation ceiling system give out a serene working environment by absorbing and breaking disturbing background noise. Equipped with advance magnetic clip closure, the detachable ceilings are purposed to complement eco-ventilation system.