Accor Office HQ

Accor Office HQ

Year: 2020

Architect: Studio PIU

Location: Jakarta


Inspired from world’s oldest batik heritage ever recorded from Solo’s kingdom of Keraton Mataram Kartasura, our “Parang” weaving provides a complementing accent towards the formally dedicated space. The selected dark woven panel integrated seamlessly to support Studio Piu’s interior standards.


This woven intersection concept is presented to show our brand’s standpoint that is driven by a natural passion for innovation and creativity and to highlight the quality of craftsmanship and the richness of Indonesian culture at the same time.


This project is seen as an attempt to allure fast-paced urban people to explore the beautiful culture through modern design. BYO Living’s woven partitions are arranged in various corners of the office to represent the importance of traditional cultural heritage while keep maintaining their functionality.