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2018 Venice Biennale


: 2018


: andramatin architects


: Natural Rattan


: Italy


“Matter and Place”; exhibited at 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018. BYO Living collaborated on the façade to create a weaving installation which fuses the diverse patterns of Indonesian textiles into one. This rattan weaving is made with holographic techniques which have been inspired by the traditional weaving techniques of the Dayak tribe from Kalimantan.


Our 30 years experienced master-weavers are trained to the ability to translate abstract conceptual ideas and customized them into an artisan piece is highly demanded by designers and clients.


Not only appreciated by designers, but the intricate hand-made process and distinct skilled craftsmanship have also become the characteristic of our weaving techniques. This installation is a steppingstone to manifest our expertise within the architectural language and to globally introduce the significance of the weaving techniques.

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